Concord Ferrari F-430 Spider Rentals

Concord Ferrari F430 Spider
This Ferrari F-430 exotic car rental is oft requested in the Concord, Walnut Creek, and East Bay area. As close to motoring perfection as it gets, this dazzling rental can be used for corporate clients, wine tours, sightseeing, weddings, or any event! Ferrari has simply outdone itself. Take everything you could ever want in a sports car – and we mean everything – and the F430 Spider has it: sleek, sexy curves that make your heart skip beats, performance that will knock your socks off, a ferocious engine sound that will make Formula-1 drivers jealous, and handing so tight, precise, and smooth that you’ll have to pinch yourself to believe you’re actually in a convertible. In fact, this car is so terrific to drive that we’re going to stop describing it hence – words don’t do it justice. Just rent it and you’ll understand.

And in case you’re curious – yes – we actually own it. As is the case with all of our cars, this is not a hoax or a dream … the car pictured above is the real deal. Loaded to the gills with more options than we thought possible to cram into a factory spec’d car, it includes:

  • F1-style tiptronic transmission (clutch is operated automatically)
  • Scuderia shields on the fenders
  • Red brake calipers
  • ENORMOUS carbon ceramic brakes, as good as it gets
  • Custom black stitching on the interior
  • Daytona-style power seats
  • In-dash GPS-based navigation system & mp3 player, and the best darn Bose stereo we’ve ever heard in a convertible
  • More carbon fiber details than we can list – steering wheel, shift paddles, dash board …
  • Xenon (HID) headlights
  • Goodyear Run-Flat Tires
Our warning still does (and always will) apply: prepare to be the center of attention when you rent this car. You will be gawked at. Grown men & women will coo like children when you drive past. Children will scream like babies. Dogs & cats will get along. Things will be weird – and you will love every indulgent second of it.

This vehicle is a self-driven car rental without a driver. Exotic limousine serves as an agent or a referral service in obtaining this vehicle for our customers. Carrier is solely responsible for the service provided for this vehicle. Exotic Limousine does not own or operate this vehicle. The availability of the cars can change without notice. The pictures used can be from manufacturer gallery and might not be the actual pictures of the vehicle.