Concord – El Dorado County Wine Tours

Our limo services offers the diversity of wine tours to different regions of Northern California, we have established close relationship with El Dorado region local wineries to offer you wine tours to this region from Concord and East Bay area. About less than 2 hours from East Bay and San Francisco area, we can organize tours in our renowned limos like Escalade and Hummer stretches to El Dorado’s wineries. You can enjoy a wide diversity of award winning wines, and experience our friendly limo drivers to take you on a scenic ride of snow-covered mountains and oak-studded foothills. Party buses and other brand names in our fleet can also be used for trip to this microclimatic region of up to 3500 ft. in elevation, with about 4 dozen variety of grapes, many artisan winemakers to serve you that best glass of wine. Some of our favorite wine makers of the region are:

Busby Cellars: Renowned for their handcrafted wines like Zinfandel, Bordeaux and Rhône. You get the VIP experiences at this winery being an Exotic Limo customer.

Cantiga Wineworks : They are best known for stunning knoll top, overlooking estate vineyards, Enjoy a picnic here pairing food with your wine indulgence.

Cedarville Vineyard & Winery: The wines produced solely from their estate grapes grown in decomposed granite soil at 2,500 feet elevation. They are best known for Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, & Rhone Varietals.

Don’t wait, book your limo wine tour with exotic limos from east bay area today, and experience what gives El Dorado wines their unique flavors and deep colors? Vintners credit mountain vineyards for their warm summer days and cool nights. These surroundings aids the wines to have a balance of fruit flavors, tannin and body those other regions just can’t match.