Mercedes AMG SUV Limo

East-Bay is not only home to the University of California, East-Bay, but also a wide range of activities and destinations for your enjoyment. Concorde Exotic Limousines is your home for all the limousine services you may need. Added to our wonderful family vehicles is the GL 550 exotic limousine. No matter how you look at this vehicle, it is a beautiful sight to behold.

Every aspect of this vehicle has been custom tailored for the best possible ride for our customers. Starting from the paint job, which is a triple finish a pearly white with a matching velvet top. This wonderful exterior creates the illusion of a sparkling star flying down the highway. Whether you are driving during the day or at night, you are sure to be noticed and this beautiful GL 550 stretch limousine.

However, the paint job is not the only thing unique about this GL 550. Concorde Exotic Limousine spared no expenses and making this GL 550 the most attractive right possible. Going for the full AMG look, we detailed everything from the muffler tips to the decals. We even made sure to match the 22 inch rims to complement the vehicle’s look. No matter how you cut it, the GL 550 is a work of beauty and a sight to behold.

Even though the exterior would be enough to attract anyone, the interior is something else. With beautiful lighting and comfortable seating for up to 18, the GL 550 is the perfect vehicle for all of your transportation needs. Making sure that you get there and comfort and style, and not get bored on the way, the GL 550 is outfitted with iPod hookups, and DVD player.

The matter where you’re going, the GL 550 is the perfect vehicle to get there and comfort and feel like a star. Whether you’re going to the game, or concert, Concord Exotic Limousine will make sure you arrive noticed. The GL 550 is the perfect vehicle to do that in.